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Originally Posted by OldCurlyWolf View Post
The actions of the BATFE belie your assertions.

The BATFE should never have been created and every piece of federal "gun control" legislation that has been passed in the last 224 years should not exist under our constitution. Ergo your arguments in favor of the BATFE are superfluous drivel.
So then there should be no restrictions placed upon any firearms, any tobacco trade, and most importantly no EXPLOSIVES?

If all of the regulations flys in the face of the US Constitution why has the Supreme Court not overturned it? Answer that question.
Is it maybe because it doesn't violate it? Is it because the Constitution is a living breathing document that is supposed to be interpreted? Is it because maybe just maybe ( I do NOT believe this FYI) the 2nd Amendment doesn't mean what you think it means? Maybe it is because regulation of rights is necessary to have the laws that back up those rights?

If I want to buy from an FFL, though, I have to prove my entitlement to exercise that right, before such exercise takes place.
I see where your coming from, but lets for argument sake say that I think you are a counterfeiter or a threat to President Obama, but I have no evidence; but hey I know I'm right so I search your home without a warrant to get that evidence. Lets for argument sake (I'm obviously not implying truth or slandering you in anyway) I find a kilo of diacetylmorphine (heroin). That search and seizure was illegal, no warrant. I arrest you anyway and the US Attorney charges you, you (and your lawyer) has to prove to a judge that the search was illegal though, you have to show that you have the right and prove its violated.

I know thats kind of an awkward example because its more of your proving its violated not that you have it but its similar logic.

Also, you have the right to keep and bear arms, the second amendment does not entitle you (directly) to purchase (lets ignore legislative intent). so you are proving to the FFLD that you are entitled to keep and bear the arms, therefore you should be allowed to purchase it.
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