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Originally Posted by FearTheBoomAndBust View Post
In my years with the BATFE
I am a former Special Agent for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives,
No wonder you are SO adamant about how necessary and good the BATF&E is. You sir were / are part of the problem.

Originally Posted by FearTheBoomAndBust View Post
The BATFE is a necessity too, believe me the BATFE plays a much bigger role in fighting terrorism then anyone believes.
See, there is a perfect example of how far afield and screwed up the members of BATF&E’s belief system is. You honestly believe you are “necessary”. BATF&E has no business dealing with terrorists. But I’m sure they will be adding the T to make sure they are still ”NECESSARY”. They started out as A, alcohol tax goon squad then added a T so they could “control” Tobacco then an F so they could “CONTROL” Firearms (contrary to the Constitution) and lastly the E so they could encompass reloading supplies. The FBI was already controlling BOMB building and threats. So next the BATF&E needs another T so they can use terrorism as another excuse for their being “NECESSARY” even though the CIA and FBI have been carrying that ball for years.

Originally Posted by FearTheBoomAndBust View Post
Also without the BATFE the Glock or whatever other handgun you are carrying to protect you and your family will be utterly ineffective against what will be out on the streets.
That is just so hilarious it’s hard to keep from laughing out loud. BATF&E can’t keep poop out the hands of criminals. Now I don’t know anyone that can supply this but living near a major city I’m sure I can find a drug dealer quit easily. I’m sure a drug dealer can find me just about any kind of firearm I’m willing to pay for. And that is just how affective the BATF&E is. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that if I were to seek a firearm that I would get one supplied by BATF&E &T.

And now a moment for a special prayer. Oh lord please don’t let the JBT kick in my door over the above statement.

Originally Posted by FearTheBoomAndBust View Post
The military willingly and purposefully transfered arms, with the CIA, in both Afghanistan and Iran-Contra, those arms are now being used against the very honorable men and women fighting for the US.
Let me see. You honestly believe that the military and CIA giving weapons to people they thought were going to help us and those people turning against us is on a par with BATF&E giving guns to KNOWN criminals that the BATF&E knew would use them against US citizens and our law enforcement. That type of thinking is exactly why the BATF&E needs to be abolished.
Originally Posted by FearTheBoomAndBust View Post
As for Waco, that’s not even worth arguing with you over, was it the best operation, no. Did it need to happen, yes, it was a legal raid for valid reasons.
You were a child when Waco happened and have been spoon fed the lies told by ATF as to what REALLY happened. Koresh offered to surrender long before the attack upon his “HOME”. Koresh went jogging every day and could have been apprehended while unarmed on a lonely road. ATF wanted to teach them and ALL us lowly citizens a lesson. Well sir they did. They thought us that the ATF and FBI aren’t to be trusted because they have no honor. They WILL kill you and your children if you don’t cower down.

I’m glad to hear that you’ve chuck the most dishonorable agency in favor of one that is a little more honorable.

It’s a shame you still believe the BATF&E is necessary for it surely is not.

Originally Posted by cowboywannabe View Post
what many many folks are missing is that while 90% or so of the batfe agents support the 2nd Amndt, they are not the ones in charge of the agency and do not write the policies and give the orders. they simply carry out the orders that are masked as legit.
Famous last word of the Nazi war criminals. I was only following orders!

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The men and women of BATF&E swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. Then they go after people on firearms “violations” contrary to the Constitution they SWORE to uphold and protect. They even trump up charges against innocent men and prosecuted with lies, tampered evidence and cover-ups. Even when found guilty in a court of law or in Congressional hearings they are not held accountable. They use the excuse they were following orders. They have deliberately killed American children in the name of following orders. Defend that.

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