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Originally Posted by BennerP220 View Post
Dang Jeremy! I really like that first one. I have one from TT. It is the snap OWB but the loops are smaller. I also got the shark trim which I love. I'll get some pics up and put them on here soon, hopefully. If you don't care.
thanks, post away. i really like the contrast of the shark on the brown leather.

here are my others i've had from him, i've sold the IWB for the XDSC and am trying to sell the Pancake holster for the XDSC. That will only leave me with the black Pancake, brown pancake, and the IWB. The IWB is awesome for concealed carry, I sold my VMII as soon as I tried on the TTGunleather one; it rides a little lower in the waist line and is way more comfortable for my personal preference. I also had a Stonghold Phoenix for a while that I sold to another member on GT. That was also a very nice holster by Tim without the 6 month wait time. His gun belts are equally as nice, available with an internal stiffener, and only have about a 2 week turn around time.

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