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Originally Posted by FearTheBoomAndBust View Post
That search and seizure was illegal, no warrant. I arrest you anyway and the US Attorney charges you, you (and your lawyer) has to prove to a judge that the search was illegal though, you have to show that you have the right and prove its violated.
The problem is, that when the agency itself is interpreting the parameters by which it enforces the laws, too much political influence is interjected.

The fact that you can get jammed on federal charges for adding a piece of plastic to your gun is pretty silly.

Defining this device as a SBR and requiring a $200 tax stamp (or ruining the life of anyone who makes a minor transgression of illogical rules) is exactly why gun owners hate/fear the ATF.

The federal government has essentially limitless resources. If you stomp on my rights, and I sue, it will take years before the issue is resolved.

Gazillions of dollars later (all out of my pocket) I may or may not win, but in the interim, I sit in jail or have my second amendment rights denied.

While in theory we have constitutional rights, in practice we as individuals are severely limited by the immense mismatch in resources we can bring to bear to litigate our grievances.
We need to stop asking "who will pay for healthcare" and start asking "why does it cost so much?"
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