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I liked this one thread so well I signed up at GT just to discuss it.

I like what the OP is doing here, especially how he put size in tension against amount. That’s brilliant. In the real world there’s always these tradeoffs. Your higher score for carrying everything plus the kitchen sink is lowered when you consider the weight of the monster pack you’d have to carry, your reduced mobility, and the larger target you’d become for a robbery. Might be interesting to put amount in tension against lower weight (rather than size).

I’m evaluating a GHB for Los Angeles use, and its demands don’t really allow a high score, but that doesn’t matter, because the process made me think hard about my gear and I added/deleted several items. So this is an excellent exercise, whether or not you agree with the dimensions or weights. Hat’s off to WilyCoyote. I improved my GHB score from 45 to 54 after this exercise and found some bone-headed omissions on my part.

I’d lobby for two items to be added to the next version of the rating system. First, under defense, we need to think more broadly than knife/gun. My most important defensive items are likely going to be my N95 masks and a pair of goggles. Much more likely I’ll be struggling to see/breathe after a disaster, than stabbing & shooting people in SD. The second item that really needs to be added (under food, maybe?) is cash, in say $5 denominations. Should have $100-300 in small bills, and maybe not carried in your pack, which could be lost in a robbery. And a minor niggle, the flashlight probably better belongs under navigation (used to find your way in the dark) but I can see it being a comm device in a nasty situation.

-> Shelter: For Los Angeles GHB, doesn’t make much sense to go over 6.
-> Hydro: 6, A bucket full of 20 oz water bottles in the car, to be added to the pack as needed.
-> Food: 5, and difficult. The GHB, stored inside a cooler inside the car, can get to 120 degrees inside the cooler (!), so need either fast food rotation or truly sturdy food. As is, one modest meal in there. Hoping that’s one item you could still buy for a little while after the S hits the F, so carrying money as substitute. Otherwise, going hungry & drinking instead.
-> Fire: 6 but don’t expect there to be much need for it in Los Angeles. No Bic lighters due to high heat limitation of car storage (120 degrees is tops for a bic lighter, says so on the package).
-> Portability: A high score here is important to my situation, and best I can manage is 6. I could be walking across LA. Jansport pack with a modest profile, doesn’t look big or “tactical,” more like “library,” which is good.
Navigation: Thanks for the kick in the pants. I was only a 3, getting that up to a 6 over the next week by obtaining maps & marking routes. (What was I thinking???)
-> Durability: 7.
-> Defense: 4, and that’s all the farther I’m willing to go as a civvie in LA. Fixed blades must be worn on belt or can earn you jail time, so why would I attract that sort of negative attention to myself? This is another area where I consider a low number to be “tops” for my situation. Maybe I should add pepper spray?
-> First aid: 6 and am working to push this higher.
-> Comm: 5, carrying the popular little Sony 2AA radio, + high power 2AA LED light with strobe (200 lumen).

Total: 54.

Anyway, great exercise, makes you really think about your bag’s contents, and motivates you to achieve a higher score by adding a few items that are readily available now and will be rare & vital later. Thank you, Wily, and all the people who helped create this rating system. Great job!!!

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