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Originally Posted by Taterhead View Post
Nice report. You may want to check your energy stats for the G29. I believe they should be:


Question: did you, by chance get these on paper? I have been trying to get the same bullet to remain stable at speeds above 1100, but I find inconsistent precision. Blue Dot @ 1025-1050 works great though.

You're right. Sorry about that. I was copy&paste to avoid retyping the units, then got in a hurry to pickup my little one.

I correct the main report now, in case people didn't see your correction. Thanks.

I wasn't trying hard to aim, more concerned about missing the chrono and where the brass lands so I can inspect them. But I did get them within a 4" circle at 10 yrds. Is that what you mean?

I did notice pretty good POI-POA for the 10.5gr group. But trying to keep data straight and limited by time, I did not pay enough attention to that.

Now the next group 11.2 should be the only group, so I can be more of a shooter and we will see how that goes. If accuracy falls apart, then I already decided to move back to 10.5 as my target weight.

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