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Originally Posted by MedicOni View Post
I hope that the state says one DUI and lose firearm rights. Otherwise it's stupid.

That I cannot agree with. Which other Constitutional right would one loose? Somewhere along the line people and the government lost the reality that the Constitution EXPRESSLY FORBIDS the government from taking people’s unalienable rights. Should people be punished for their transgressions? Yes! But rights of free men should be off-limits.

Originally Posted by Donn57 View Post
There is a rather large difference between being denied a CCW or having a CCW revoked and being charged with felony possession of a gun after having gone through the proper steps to obtain one.
I don’t disagree with that. That’s underhanded and should be criminal. But then we are talking about Ohio.

The point of my original post was that one looses the “privilege” if convicted.

One loses the “privilege” if arrested but regains it if acquitted. I understand the reasoning behind such a law but it FLIES in the FACE of INNOCENT until proven guilty

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