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Katrina Weapon Confiscations - What really happened?

I'd like to know this. Honestly, during a Katrina SHTF - easily imaginable 200 Yards from Tampa Bay - I can't imagine that my guns would be confiscated. But I can imagine scenarios where they would be as well.

Me on my property being completely non-threatening (other than holding a weapon); No way.

Me brandishing out on the street in a public area; No surprise there.

Me on my property shooting a warning shot (or three); Perhaps.

So what really happened. As much as I am a "not worth dying for" sort of person, I don't know that if you came to my home if I'd be giving up guns in that situation.

As an LEO under orders - would you carry it out? I think I would have to SERIOUSLY question that order. It seems dangerous, foolish, and bound to cause more problems than it would solve.

So what really went down there - no 'hearsay' or speculation please....
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