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As far as the "casualty" on the bridge, IIRC it was a MENTALLY HANDICAPPED guy and his brother just trying to cross that bridge to get to safety. Police told them to turn back and they refused. The MH brother was shot and killed. Again, this is what I remember from seeing the story in a news special a year or so later.

Now as to what happened and such...

Police confiscated guns. The citizens did not put up much of a fight. That old lady in her kitchen kinda proved the point of the citizens being in the right and the police being in the wrong. No LE were shot or killed. From what I understand there was ALREADY a law in place the forbade the gun confiscations but it happened anyway.

We've talked about this dozens of times here. It either ends up in a flame war or everyone gets real quiet. So I'll go ahead and ask it...

Would you really have resisted? Would you shoot police officers (even though they were breaking the law in trying to take your guns)? Do you think the fact that LE was breaking the law would matter or save you from the needle IF you survived?

What this really comes down to is...are you prepared to die for what you believe is right? There are those that say get out of dodge ahead of time or ASAP but sometimes that just isn't possible (this point usually turns into a pissing match as well).

I actually asked in Cop Talk or somewhere else what a citizen should do and it turned out that, although a cop might be doing something illegal, you still cannot legally shoot them in self-defense. Instead you are to hand over your guns and comply, then pray the case doesn't get buried in civil court later on...

Now if our founding fathers had done that, I'm pretty sure we'd all be subjects and speaking in funny accents.

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