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Originally Posted by UneasyRider View Post
We don't open the door for anyone in that situation (and most others) no matter who it is. If somebody forces entry into my house they better have a warrant.
That's what I mean,you couldn't breach my homes door without a vehicle assistance.That being said it would more than likely get real ugly real fast.I just can't fathom the way the "law" was thrown out the window during this event.Although in this situation/a MASSIVE hurricane inbound we would've bailed 72 hrs before land fall.I grew up in southern FLA and I've seen my share of storms.

.Gub on both the state/fed level fumbled the whole event.They shoulda evaced a lot sooner and the way the wasted/ignored the resources they had available was criminal.I could go on,the point being is that .gov agencies had the means ta change the outcome and were too scared of lawsuits and took the position of cowardice,instead of nutting up and trying ta save lives.'08.
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