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Vihtavuori 3N38 w. 180 gr HOrnady XTP's

Here's chrono report for 180gr XTP's / Vihtavuori 3N38 / CCI 300 LP / Glock 20 / IGB 4.6 barrel w. full supported chamber. Temp. was 21C ( 70F).

load (grains) average (fps)

Accuracy good (see target at 27 yrds bellow). Primers still OK, not flattened at all. Case Head Expansion at max. 0.431 but due to tight and full supported chamber of IGB barrel this could not be relevant. I think 3N38/180gr combination has still some way to go so a day after loaded another batch of 12.2 to 12.6 gr.
Data for 12.2 – 12.6 loads are gonna follow within few days after next trip to the range.

Similar batch with Rex Magnum powder was done as well, it could be seen in Rex Powders sticky thread.

And here are some that day's photos:

10mm Reloading Forum
10mm Reloading Forum
10mm Reloading Forum

After chrono had some more fun, this is my training stage "Wild Boar Pack"
10mm Reloading Forum
10mm Reloading Forum

EDIT: previously I mixed up data of Rex Magnum and 3N38 powder. Now I have corrected 3N38 numbers In fact, 3N38 gave a bit less than Rex Magnum at the same weight load. See my today's post at Rex powders sticky.
I will probably reach 1300 mark with next batch 12.2 - 12.6 of 3N38....ammo was loaded yesterday, maybe this weekend will find time to go to the range.
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