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I found this Redding Cartridge Base Sizing Die and wanted to share on our reloading forum. It resizes the base of a .40/10mm case back to spec. I have even run out-of-spec rounds through it that work perfectly now. I'm pretty cheap and try to get the most from my brass. It works great on my 10mm Handloads. It will take the bulge out of the base of a case and remove Glock smilies (if you're not using a fully-supported, match barrel). Anyway, I wanted to share this on this forum:


Here's a MidwayUSA Link:

AND for the bottle adapter:

I primarily load on a Dillon 650XL. The Redding Base Sizing Die is on my Forster CO-AX Single Stage Press. Those rounds that don't fit in my 10mm Max Case Gauge, due to bulges, can be run through the Redding Base Die, making them usable again. Really cool!

***YOU CANNOT USE THE BOTTLE/BOTTLE ADAPTER ON A FORSTER CO-AX.*** The handle will not throw over the bottle. Most other single stage presses should work fine.
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