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Originally Posted by AustinTx View Post
I'm not quite sure what to make of this. It's a pretty poor excuse for Glock's shoddy design. You are entirely correct about the 45 ACP being a low pressure round and being the only reason they didn't have KBs, with all the Glock 45s.

The 10mm that you refer to, is actually a European design, by Norma.

The 45 ACP is over 100 years old. It shouldn't be a surprise to the Europeans, about straight wall pistol cases. The Glock 21 is the new kid on the block. Glock is the only gun that I've ever seen a bulged 45 ACP case from.
"Glock's shoddy design" for .45 ACP? "...the 45 ACP being a low pressure round..." is what the .45 ACP Glocks were designed to shoot. "The Glock 21 is the only gun that I've ever seen a bulged 45 ACP case from." After 20,000 rounds, give or take a few thousand, I've never seen a "bulged" case emerge from my .45 Glocks--ACP or GAP!
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