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Originally Posted by kirgi08 View Post
We had a family pow-wow tonight,this is in reference ta todays "downgrade" of the US credit rating.

What was decided:

We have moved most of our bulk stuff-IE portable gennys/large water storage bbls and 3/4 ton of beans/rice ta the bol.My wife and child along with 2 of the dogs are now in residence there.I will remain at home and watch the situation as it develops.She has my 4wd and I have the F-250 and the trailer is ready ta hook-up.

What we will lose in departure:

We have a 18kw china diesel that is not movable.We have a 2nd at the bol,the neighbors will have it ta use as needed/all 4 of us are hard wired and they did pay their part of the purchase.

14cords of hardwood,also this goes ta the neighbors,this is a gift.Due too my wifes coercion/bullying* they all installed wood cook stoves.Next,and my saddest loss will be our well system.Grid/genny/manual set-up,we have the same thing out there,it's just it took me years and a ton of effort ta build this system.

I look at this as a live "scenario" and we'll deal with it in the realistic manner.I pray were wrong,we sat down for hours tonight and thought this out.Ya folks I know,"why" would we leave all this,we don't want to leave it.We believe it's prudent ta cover all bases.

Granted we maybe crying "Wolf",I'd assert it's better than bleating like sheep.

We got our comms up,ssb CBs and there working fine.If the ballon does go up,I hope and pray all my friends on GT/SP weather it and come out on the other side whole and healthy.'08.

*We had a power outtage and Kat invited all our neighbor over for fresh baked bread and a deer stew cooked on the stove,they were amazed we had heat/power and a shower/toilet that worked.Talk ta your neighbors,tell them that extra food/water/meds are a prudent thing ta do.Respects .'08.
Is this going to be a major SHTF event? Don't know. If it is, being ahead of the hordes is not a bad idea. If not, it is a good exercise and gives you the opportunity to evaluate and assess your preparedness planning by going through a trial run.
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