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Originally Posted by TangoFoxtrot View Post
Wow easy their kirgi don't hit the panic button just yet brother! Be the wolf and just stalk the situaition out. I don't think society is ready for a total collape just yet. You need to go with the flow. I think this will be a slower process.
+1 I like your posts Kirgi, but I think you need to step back a little from this one and reassess. I've already posted that I believe the S has already HTF. However as I cited in that thread, it's not happening like many would have thought. It's not one abrupt transition.

I do think we're in that transition period, but I think it's the start of all the other issues that go with such a scenario. I'm not sure what your home base is like, but in my case, I'd have plenty of time before needing to venture out to our BOL. Furthermore, bugging out is my last option. I've got more supplies, etc at my home.

Like I said, not saying your decision is a bad one. Just suggesting that you reassess the situation. You may find that bugging out at this point is a bit premature. All is not lost if that's the conclusion that you reach though. At least you've run the drill and probably learned of some minor improvements that can be made for when you decide to do it again.
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