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Originally Posted by pugman View Post
As I told my wife...this could be the pebble which starts the avalanche but my crystal ball says we have somewhere between 2-5 years before things really get bad.
Very informative post pugman, the only thing is I kinda disagree with your assessment of how much time we have, and I'll try to explain why.

When people look at a situation, they tend to do it from their perspective and using their own rationale. The hardest part of predicting time frames is considering the effect all the stuff happening has on people who are not in your particular situation, nor have your rationale.
Please don't take it wrong because we all do it to some degree or another, and I am probably guilty of putting too much emphasis on the effect a situation has on others.

I have no idea whether or not at this point you have considered it or not, so I might be preaching to the choir, but here goes...

I think we are quickly approaching a boiling point in this country with racial tension, while simultaneously reaching a boiling point with economic crisis. The "financially challenged" will be the first to respond to the economic crisis. There are allot of people of all race that are part of this "financially challenged" group. With racial tension and financial crisis, come riots. With riots comes civil disorder, with civil disorder comes increased insecurity in the stability of members of society. Things are going to snowball, and in my estimation we have less time than the 2-5 years you predict.

It's just another opinion, subject to my own rationale and perspective.
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