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Originally Posted by TangoFoxtrot View Post
Wow easy their kirgi don't hit the panic button just yet brother! Be the wolf and just stalk the situaition out. I don't think society is ready for a total collape just yet. You need to go with the flow. I think this will be a slower process.

My sentiments exactly!

If you want to treat this as a trial run for your preps &

..but otherwise I would not do anything 'rash'!

As for me...topping off of the preps (& gas tanks) is about the extent I would go.

I am waiting for the world financial markets reaction in the coming days, weeks & months..

..but this is just another weekend to me.

But....If during that wait there is meltdown of the dollar...

"Got Preps"??

"Accuracy first, Speed second.....Speed first, Accuracy never"

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