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different response

OP is probably ahead of the curve. However, it is better to be ahead than behind.

I give credence to the concept that there is a slow decline. Essentially, the middle class is being slowly squeezed. This is not new. It isn't a surprise to the people who frequent this forum.

Why would you expect other people in the world to be stupid and not perceive that the United States is enacting expensive federal programs, not balancing its budget and not demonstrating fiscal responsibility?

All a rating agency does is "rate".

The effect of a downgrade by one rating service - people simply demand a higher rate of return in US obligations. Or, they buy obligations of other countries. Or they spend their money elsewhere.

So, how do you get your "rating" back up? You cut expenditures or raise taxes or both. So, do you really expect expenditures to be cut when the projected budget deficit for the next fiscal year is $1.2 TRILLION dollars? I don't.

So, if OP is reacting ahead of the curve, it isn't going to be too far ahead.
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