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Thanks for posting this thread 08. I've been thinking about the possible outcomes from this and the follow up by Moody's at the end of the month. I'm no economist, so I'm glad to hear everyone else's perspective and 'alert level'.

In my humble opinion it's going to be a slow decline too as people are only now speculating as to the real effects of this. If the media was ever handy for anything, it will be to ignore this major SNAFU of their boss, so the effects could be mitigated even beyond what they 'should' be.

Either way, what a great exercise for you. I bet you learn more from this than you have in quite some time about your plans, what works, and what doesn't.

I've been a camper since I was a kid, more than 20 years. STILL almost every time I go, I have an "aw ****!!!" moment when I start unpacking gear. But luckily, I've had enough experience that I probably have 1 or more backups of said missing gear. Only way you get there is by doing it a lot.

Seems to me that if nothing happens, you haven't really lost anything except maybe your wife will have possibly missed a day or two of work. But there will be LOTS of lessons learned, which could prove invaluable in the future. As much as we prep, making the right decisions of what's most important at the time is really valuable.

Hoping this is just a 'dry run' for you. Guess we'll know more in about 3 days.
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