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Originally Posted by LoneWolfMarketing View Post
Yep, the big boys are after the compacts.
That's great to see pics of the 19/23 rapid prototype frame.

My wife is looking to replace her current single stack 9mm home defense/carry guns with double stack guns. She has very small hands so is having problems finding a double stack gun that fits her. I am already heavily invested in 9mm Glocks (five guns, lots of parts, mags, holsters, blue guns, etc) as my carry/HD guns. Being able to find a way to make a Glock fit her hands would be a perfect solution all around. We've considered grip reduction but can't tell if that would give her the degree of reduction she needs.

The Timberwolf frame for the Glock 19 could be just what she's looking for.

Any idea when we'll be able to buy the G19-size production Timberwolf frames?

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