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I wanted to shoot into the air when I heard Bin Laden was killed. I wasn't able to because I was living in Mother Jersey, and promptly hated myself for it.

I have since rectified that situation.

Still no work. Maybe soon, but no work.

My 10x11ft (3.3x3.7m for the rest of the world...) room looks like a deranged amateur armorer/paramilitary-wannabe/mass murderers. I am three of these four things (deranged of course! and... I'll let you guess the others). I have no plans to change this.

Haven't been to any competitive shoots, hoping to go to Topton GSSF next weekend... we'll see what fate says.

Still a loser. Card-carrying. (My RPGA card is right in there with my license, CCW, SocSec card, birth cert...)

I own almost as many items of camouflaged clothing as I do civvies. This is an unacceptable ratio... maybe I can paint some of the jeans mottled jungle colors.

A little snapshot of my life~
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