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Here is some new data that I developed for the 125gr Barnes TAC-XP bullet. Out of my G29, I got 160fps MORE than ANY of Barnes data. The fastest I could get with Barnes data (Unique and Power Pistol) was 1300fps. With these 800-X loads, I hit 1460fps. Again, this is all out of my G29. I'm sure 1525-1550fps would be easy out of a G20. This load can almost certainly be increased. I do not think it is maximum. I ran out of bullets, and had to stop here (that's why there are only 3 chrono results per load, I'll test more soon), but case head expansion was minimal. I'm thinking this load could be pushed to 12.0gr or more, IF compression of the powder does not stop it. 11.4gr is VERY compressed, but I'm not getting bullet push-back, so I think I can go a bit further.

All loads used new Starline nickel brass, CCI 300 primers, Barnes 125gr TAC-XP bullets, and a COAL of 1.260". They were fired from my G29 with stock barrel, and 21lb Wolff spring. Temperature was around 90*, humidity about 70%, elevation 495ft. The chronograph is a Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital, all shots were fired from ~10ft.

10.5gr 800-X:
3 rounds
Average: 1382
ES: 27
SD: 14

10.8gr 800-X:
3 rounds
Average: 1428
ES: 35
SD: 19

11.1gr 800-X:
3 rounds
Average: 1443
ES: 79
SD: 40

11.4gr 800-X:
3 rounds
Average: 1459
ES: 6
SD: 3

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