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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
Do you live in a vulnerable area? Do you have a plan? Do you have weapons? What will you do?
The way you put it sounds as if you are defending your property alone and that the people around you are spread out. So I don't see any way all the properties can be defended against a roving mob - too much area and too few defenders.

If there were choke points where you and your friends could put up a defense you might have a chance. I would look into non lethal options first. Because after all is over and if deaths occur you will need to justify your actions.

But I seriously you would find a mob roaming to where you live. A mob such as that in London expends a lot of energy quickly and then dissipates. They are not organized enough to handle the logistics of transportation, food etc.

The people in London are looting first and burning stores second. So why do you think they would go out of the city to the country to go to your house anyway?
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