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Originally Posted by Bolster View Post
But are you prepared to deplete your bank accounts defending yourself in the inevitable trial, and to go to jail for it? Regardless of how justified? Shooting somebody in our society isn't the end of anything, it's just the beginning of a long, unpleasant process. Even the dictates of narrow self-interest and survival mean shooting is the last resort, not the first.

The tolerance for thugs wantonly destroying property..

.. & violently threatening life/limb/liberty of fine upstanding citizens in our AO..

.. is a polar opposite of those more disadvantaged areas with a grossly dysfunctional (liberal) frame of mind!

An "Old Timer" related an incident during the late 60's Watts Riots where a "large group of coloreds" massed & started towards the center of town in a farming community I used to service. They were met by a sizable group of armed citizens & were told in no uncertain terms "we are not having any of that California nonsense here"!
The "riot" was over before it started!

During the 92 Riots...I carried a special "riot package" just in case it spread did others I know!

Personally...the way society is heading..

..I think it will be "Shoot, Shovel & Shut-up" before it is all over!

Just hope your backhoe is in good order..

..& you are well stocked with lime!

I know of one story that happened following Katrina..

..that involved rural folk, gang-bangers, swamps & gators...

..and a problem solved!

Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Do not allow evil to triumph. Do not do sit by and do nothing.

"Got Preps"??

"Accuracy first, Speed second.....Speed first, Accuracy never"

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