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[QUOTE=DaveG;17767205]So I live less than a few miles from one of the top ten most dangerous and "urban" areas in the country, but right on the edge between the city and country. My neighborhood borders a cotton field... If London-style riots occur... my plan is to send the wife and kids the opposite way to stay with her parents, who live about an hour away in "real" country and are well armed and stocked with supplies. My neighbor and I plan on staying with our longarms and defending our homes for as long as possible. If we get completely outnumbered, we will climb into his 4x4 and head out across the cotton field where he will drop me off with the rest of the family and continue on his way to his own safe house...

Do you live in a vulnerable area? Do you have a plan? Do you have weapons?

What will you do?

I live outside a small city myself Dave. My plan is similar to ours. My home is well stocked and I'll lock and load to defend my home. I do have a bug out plan for the mountains a few miles away, but if it came down to a bug out due to a riot there would be a large pile of bodies piled between myself and my crazy well armed neighbors.
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