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I think a lot of people are mistaking a rioting mob with SHTF roving bands of looters. They are two different groups.

Rioting mobs are loose associations of gangs/friends that see an opportunity to steal and cause mayhem under the cover of lawlessness. They exhaust their energy quickly like a thunderstorm. They do not have an structure or management or logistics and do not work together as one.

A SHTF roving band of looters is more focused, has a structure, works together and stay together longer than a riot.

Those suggesting shooting better be able to show that their actions were justified after the troubles are over - especially in the USA. There is no such a thing as a secrete. A friend and you get into an argument and they tell the police you killed someone. Or a friend gets arrested and they give you up to get out of trouble. Or some of the gang that escape tell the police what happened after it was all over (again maybe as a bargaining chip with the police).
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