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This is my number one disatster that I'm preparing for. I live near Detroit. In my estimation, the most likely scenario is that riots start in Detroit for whatever reason (economic, racial, sports, combo platter, etc.) If the riots last long enough (3 days to a week,) the city will run out of food. After that the refugees/rioters will spread out to the nearby suburbs. It may die down or it may get worse.

If it looks untenable in my location, my family will go to my parents house witch is more protected because of geography, infrastructure, and planning.

My preps include:
-the appropriate amount of food and water.
-camp stove and heater with enough fuel to last for an appropriate amount of time
-firearms and enough ammo
-BOBs and bug out gear if it is too bad to stay
Still to get:
-MDF for the windows
-generator and fuel
-more emergency medical items

Of course, my preps cover more than just this one scenario but since Michigan doesn't really have much in the way of natural disasters, this is my Number One. Also, there is the precipitating factor for the riots to take into account. If it is a nationwide economic disaster, that is something to be prepared for as well.
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