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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
So I live less than a few miles from one of the top ten most dangerous and "urban" areas in the country, but right on the edge between the city and country. My neighborhood borders a cotton field... If London-style riots occur... my plan is to send the wife and kids the opposite way to stay with her parents, who live about an hour away in "real" country and are well armed and stocked with supplies. My neighbor and I plan on staying with our longarms and defending our homes for as long as possible. If we get completely outnumbered, we will climb into his 4x4 and head out across the cotton field where he will drop me off with the rest of the family and continue on his way to his own safe house...

Do you live in a vulnerable area? Do you have a plan? Do you have weapons? What will you do?
Uhhhh . Dude, your plan is not a good one. Two guys with long arms can stack up a lot of bodies, but I doubt that the bad guys are going to use a human wave assault without weapons on your home. More likely, they will shoot back (through the walls) , or just burn the place down around you. Traveling in a vehicle is not a good idea when things have already gotten out of control. Bullets go through cars, and streets may be blocked by looters to keep the police away.

What is your most precious thing in the world. For most of us, its our family, you should be with them.

There is a real easy solution to the OP's problem. Use one of these BEFORE the riots start.

Survival/Preparedness Forum

Move now.

Spend a little extra on your insurance to get replacement cost coverage. Then you can leave any place and not worry about it too much.

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