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In Ephesians Paul is addressing a number of issues, of which one is what has been described as a household code. The issue of submission properly begins in vs. 21, not vs. 22. There is no verb in vs. 22. The sentences in consideration read ὑποτασσόμενοι ἀλλήλοις ἐν φόβῳ Χριστοῦ ... being subject to one another in fear of Christ. Αἱ γυναῖκες τοῖς ἰδίοις ἀνδράσιν ὑποτάσσεσθε, ὡς τῷ κυρίῳ ... The wives to their own husbands as to (the) Lord. Whatever it is that one expects of ones wife as per vs. 22 is precisely what one owes to ones wife as per vs. 21. Submission is mutual, one to another as unto Christ. It is a choice. It is not by force. In vs. 24 wives are instructed to be ὑποτάσσεται ... subject... to their husbands in everything ( "ought" typically in english translations is not in the Gk. text). The overwhelming emphasis is is of a mutual submission of equals (vs. 21) with the family dynamics being marked by husbands being responsible as authority and bearing the universal obligation to deal with his wife in ἀγαπάω ... love (in this context the word conveys the idea of to welcome, to entertain, to be fond of, to love dearly. It is typlified by the way Jesus loves). Husbands are to ἀγαπᾶτε ... love their wives (present active imperative) ... as their own bodies... as themselves. A man who loves his wife as Christ loves will unfailingly seek the best and highest for her. The rub is that seldom is it that such love is the norm of family life. There are to many instances in which men fail to so love sacrificially their wives. Women are to φοβῆται ... respect ( reverence, venerate, to treat with deference or reverential obedience ) their husbands. Husbands earn that respect as they love their wives. In vs. 33 that is made very clear as husbands are commanded first with the concluding thought directed to wives. In Gk. word order matters. In this discussion of the Christian home, Paul stresses mutual submission of equals with ultimate authority vested in the husband. He speaks at length to what it means for the husband to love his wife. He concludes stressing again that husbands are to love and that the appropriate response of wives is to respect their husbands.

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