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Anyone rent a storage unit for some of their preps?

I've got so much stuff on hand, that I think I want to get a small storage unit to split it up so it's not all in one place.

I can get a 5x5 place acrossed the bridge (not good in an earthquake, would have to drive around) for $31 a month or the same on my side of the water for $36 a month.

It would be used to store ammo, mags, firearms, food, and other preps.

I would love to keep some at a friends, but the few people I trust either still live with their parents well into their 30's with no end in sight or have tiny apartments with no spare room.

The risk is that if something happened to my home all of my stuff would be gone. I have home owners insurance but....all of my preps would be gone.

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