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It's just another Gen4 Glock, so I wasn't going to post pics, but here they are.

Compared with my many other Glocks, this new one's slide is grayer. It feels great with no additional backstrap.
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More visible here is the Gen4 texturing, larger-area mag-release button, and the larger slide-lock release I had installed.
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Three of the loads I shot today--left are my practice load with the Montana Gold 124HP at about 1300FPS; center are my former favorite PD load with the Hornady 124XTP at about 1400FPS; and right are my new PD load with the Barnes TAC-XP all-copper 125 at about 1300FPS. All cases are Speer once-fireds. All 3 functioned perfectly and were plenty accurate.
TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club
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