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Originally Posted by clarkstoncz View Post
I'm curious as to why you went to the Tac-XP over the XTP? Those are the first 125s that I've seen.
First, I fell victim to Barnes's advertising and bought a couple boxes. I tested expansion in my normal way, with 1-gallon waterjugs with the first jug covered with 4 layers of denim...
...and loved the results. Since I don't consume my PD loads by the hundreds punching holes in paper, I can afford them.*

The XTPs are excellent PD bullets and excellent value too, but I feel the Barnes all-coppers are a little better.

Have tested the .45-caliber 160s too.

* A box of Barnes TAC-XPs is about the same price as a box of other premium PD bullets, but you get only 40!
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