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Originally Posted by leeward419 View Post
Congratulations, what a nice pistol, have you had a chance to shoot it? Indeed, as indicated in the 1st post above.

Impressions re the recoil spring v. Gen 3 setup? Haven't shot a Gen3 fullsize Glock except for my 37 in ages, so my muscle memory is as bad as my mental memory, but I didn't notice any difference. Also, I did not shoot my 32 yesterday so couldn't compare it with that pistol's recoil.

Bet the 1400 fps loads really are accurate in the longer barrel of the 31 over the 32. All 3 reloads I shot were quite accurate yesterday. I have a 4.5" LW barrel in my 32, and I'm considering buying a Storm Lake 5.2" barrel for the 31. As a Glock Certified Armorer, have you any opinions on those?

Have lots of fun shooting the 31! TYVM.
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