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I guess I skim more than read nowdays, I dont have any experience with Lone Wolf barrels. I do own a Storm Lake barrel and a KKM barrel. The KKM barrel is a little more expensive, and the workmanship is much better than my Storm Lake. My Storm Lake came with a manufacturing defect. I sent the barrel back and they fixed it by reboring. SO I can say the customer service at Storm Lakes was better than their quality control. Hands down the KKM is the better made barrel and I would certainly buy another. That said I dont believe KKM makes an extended barrel for the 31. A lot of people seem to have good things to say about Storm Lake and the Lone Wolf barrels and are very satisfied with them.
PS Glock certified armorer doesnt make me an expert, just a beginning learner; wanted a better understanding of the inner workings of a glock
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