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Originally Posted by poodleshooter1 View Post
The risk is that if something happened to my home all of my stuff would be gone. I have home owners insurance but....all of my preps would be gone.
Your homeowner's doesn't cover personal property?

My take and a more practical prep idea: borrow a digital camera and take some photos. My agent's general rule is any item over $100 should be documented.

If my house burned to the ground, I have enough digital photos, scanned in receipts, and multiple thumb drives including some in a safety deposit box I would have no problem getting the maximum reimbursement. As my agent has stated: if I can document 100% of my large ticket items adjusters rarely sweat the small stuff.

The hard part is getting the records in line; digging out all the receipts from my fire safe and adding them to a spreadsheet and scanning them in took on and off a few months.

Once the record is complete maintenance is a breeze.
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