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Originally Posted by Angry Fist View Post
When you marry a shopaholic, and she spits out 3 of your kids, you'll understand....
Make that 4 for me!

Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
This guy hasn't even met a girl he wants to marry yet, let alone have kids with!

Hopefully, we'll be able to get some shooting in before I leave. Might find out between tomorrow and Friday about my transfer. Fingers crossed.

And it looks like I'm going to take the Houma PD Entrance Exam once I get to LA. If I do well, hopefully I get picked to start at the academy!

I wonder what their carry weapons are....
You will learn when you do!!

Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
NO can do for one week out, for me. :(

And it worked out for tomorrow as I am now IN THE WEDDING tomorrow. One of their groomsmen can't make it!
I can't make it either.

Enjoy the wedding!

Good luck on the exam! Maybe next time.

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