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Originally Posted by Aceman View Post
I am all a fan of multiple gear in multiple spots - even down to knife in pocket, knife on belt, knife in bag....

But somewhere YOU don't control access, and is a target for looting?

Valid consideration; no access issues in the one we use and it didn't occur to me, but a lot of them do have restricted access. On ours, I know the owner (he's a customer) and made sure that we were in the front-most row of units, which face the back side of a commercial strip (laundromat, sandwich place, etc in the strip). The owner already had our camera system in the interior of the building to watch laundromat customers & such, so I offered a free upgrade to his camera system - larger dvr and two additional cameras at no cost, putting the two cameras on the outside-rear of the building. Good for us because it watches our unit; good for him because it watches other units as well, watches his back service area (dumpsters & such), and didn't cost him anything.

Definitely NOT want to be in a storage unit that I couldn't access 24/7, whether for prep stuff or even just junk storage.
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