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Originally Posted by stmcelroy View Post
Picked one up recently myseld and have added a few goodies.

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My wife, youngest son and I went into a gunshop in SW Virginia yesterday, just to pass some time.

While walking around this shop, we saw some great rifles, pistols and shotguns.

My son spotted a Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD on the rack and asked to see it.
After he was finished drooling all over it, I got my chance.
I held it up to my shoulder, and found a spot on the wall, and held it there for a few seconds.
This rifle 'holds' extremely well. Great balance!

My son asked if we could buy it.

I told him, "Nah. Not today. I didn't bring that kind of cash with me."

My wonderful wife said, "Hon, if you want it, write a check for it."

"?????? - Huh - ?????"

"If you want it. Write a check for it."

Well, it's now mine!!!
Time to start looking for a scope mount, rings and a decent scope to mount on it.

I've got a WONDERFUL wife!!!!
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