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Some REALLY good points there. I think the way you walk and carry yourself is something to look at too. I've had some pals of mine that hones to goodness walk different when carrying. Almost like they're barney bad a** back in high school or something. A swagger like "I wish you would". Shame some people are like that, but it draws a lot of attention. I like to wear vests, but stay away from "Tac vests" and photog vests for just that reason. I tell you another. I have a couple of buddies that swear by the hip-pack carry. I think it's lame, #1, but that's personal taste and totally subjective. #2 is that if you see someone that looks like me with a hip-pack on, no question. That cat's packin'. Stands out big time, IMO. I've had people argue that point, or that a man-purse is in style and can be used without much drama, but I beg to differ. There aren't a whole lot of guys than can do that and not look out of character.
Just my $.02...
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