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I always play a game when I am in public places such as malls. I look for predators. I look for those who may be CCWing. I look for plain-clothes LE. Amazing how much you actually "see" when you are looking for it!

The "predators" are the easiest to spot, the plain-clothes are more difficult. CCWers are usually somewhere in between because, if they are not being obvious, they carry themselves differently and they tend to "touch" certain areas.

Years ago I was in a mall and I was looking for a sheriff's deputy as I needed some info on a friend in the department. Took me 5 minutes to find the UC and ask him to get a message to my friend. She later told me that he was not pleased and she asked me what gave him away. He wanted to know how I "made him". Still get a smile over that.

As for me, I do not advertise that I am carrying. I do not wear gun gear or 5-11s or tactical vests. In the summer, I wear cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Carry IWB or in cargo shorts pocket in a Desantis nemesis holster. I usually wear cargo shorts till mid-December and then switch to cargo pants. Shorts again late February or early March. The shorts do attract attention in the winter, but most just dismiss me as a quack!
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