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Great thread Sam Spade!

Interestingly you bring this up. This was a discussion with some of my LEO friends recently. They made a lot of the same points you did. However, one common theme came about from all of them; having to fondle your piece is generally the biggest give-a-way; either addressing it by placing your hand on it, moving it for comfort, checking to see if it is still there, making sure it's covered, etc. One of the LEO works part-time at a local theater (it does allow CCW) and he constantly picks up on the CCwr's most of the time.

I was chatting with him one Friday night while he was working and it was very apparent, after listening to him, who was most likely carrying and not. It was great insight.

My guesstimation would be 98% of the public wouldn’t be able to detect CCWrs; however, the other 2% would be the LEOs and BG scanning the area. After having a discussion with my LEO friends, my concern is the BG possibly identifying me; therefore, when I’m out, that is the perception I use to stay grey. It’s hard to not be identified by LEOs; some will be easier than others, however, I believe you can conceal beyond what a BG is looking at. Are there some who can still pick out a CCWr, yep. But I think that group is very small. The key is to look natural for the environment.

Situational awareness is keen too; especially to id the BGs.

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