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Originally Posted by ThreadKiller View Post
In my case, the local Chief and his dept are known to have a certain "attitude" towards permit holders. I have dealt with some in the department who are downright hostile. (These dealings being online, not face to face.)

Some will condemn my position I'm sure, but I simply do not want to call attention to myself. It could well be that live and in person the few hotheads I've encountered online would conduct themselves professionally but I'm going to do what I can to minimize the odds of any kind of encounter.

My hair went steel blond some time ago, but I'll do my best to be "gray."
Thanks, Threadkiller.

This thread is about how to achieve a "gray" presentation and maintain it.

The topic is not about how people feel about those of us who prefer to be unnoticed.

Any posts after this that are not on square topic will be deleted.

Again, the topic is how to achieve and maintain "Condition Gray".
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