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Guess in the past I was too grey -

Have been the selected target for three attacks (2 carjackings and a mugging attempt). Only the first carjacking was a surprise, I was aware that I'd been targetted the two other times.

Now I adjust my appearance for the situation. It's more attitude and bearing than the clothes I'm wearing. That aloha shirt can say "tourist" or "he's packing" depending on the vibs you are putting out.

The fanny pack I sometimes carry is from a tree hugger company and is very much the norm where I live. I just added a holster and a key fob to make it easier to get open. The company that made the pack would probably panic if they knew their product could be used this way. As a result, it screams "tourist" rather than "gun".

It's all about the vibs you give off and works for me, ymmv.
Timidity in the face of violence is unbecoming to God's image. - Jeff Cooper

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