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I have said this before on a related post and I will say it again...

If you are looking to use storage units, look at the mom-and-pop's that do not care if you visit the unit 24/7, are typically less cost, do not require your SSN, They offer a lot of "discreetness" and flexibility not seen in Uncle Bob's and U-Haul centers.

You guys keep acting like storage units get robbed in your town all the time and that the Storage Wars TV show is coming to your unit. Gimme a break. This is why I have been spending my time elsewhere. Quake said it best when he said don't use it to store things that would be life shattering if they got destroyed/stolen/etc. But in reality, looters probably won't hit storage units because they know most units are full of rotting pine furniture, old VHS tapes, and grandma's yearbook.
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