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Originally Posted by bug View Post
While I agree with what you say there are people out among us who scream (I have A GUN)

But for me and many other on Glocktalk I have what you might call an elephant in the room with me at all times.
I am 6ft 8in tall, Blonde hair, blue eyes, 340lbs I am not a fat pig I lift all day long for a living so i am muscular. So I am very obvious to people.
I can never take up bank robbery for a hobby

With work boots on I almost hit my head in a lot of doorways There really is no way that I can think of to make myself a (gray man) I just do not blend.

How would you suggest to make me less obvious?
I pocket carry Most of the time A G19 (there is one advantage I Guess)

I suppose most folks do not realize i am carrying because of how tall I am.
You answered your own question. It isn't about being invisible. It's about not giving signals you are carrying.
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