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Miami, with so many tourists, provides a good cover for fanny-packs. It is still consider a fashion no-no by most locals. Still, if you go out with one and your attitude is that you donít care you actually call less attention to yourself. If youíre self-conscious you accomplish the opposite. A few times Iíve noticed being observed, the best course of action at that point is to take out my compact and refresh my lipstick (both of which came from my fanny pack). That has worked nearly every time, I guess the person observing assumes the rest of the contents is what a woman would have normally carried in a purse and just loose interest. There have been a couple of times when I knew I was still being watched, one of those times I risked direct eye contact with small head nod and a smile implying a ďHiĒ. I think the man was a tad embarrassed he got caught looking, smiled back and left the area. For the most part I try to project the message I want the other person to receive without acknowledging that Iím aware of their presence.

I enjoy people watching, best place for this are the food courts at the mall, airports and the like. I try to sit where there is little or no traffic behind me. The objective is to observe others without being noticed. If Iím on the move there is too much for me to absorb (continuous changing of scenery and all) to actually observe people in great detail.

As Sam stated in post #14 observing others without letting them know you are doing it (unless you want them to know) is not all that difficult. If you are a beginner a cup with a straw is an excellent cover to allow your head some less restrictive motion; using the cup, straw as your perceived point of focus as you scan whatís beyond it works. Pick on someone that is not distracted to test yourself, see how many times you can bring them to your field of vision without them noticing, extend the duration of each glance to increase difficulty. Remember to not focus directly on them; things around them would be ok (your eyes can briefly scan over them if you select a destination on the other side to stop); bringing your own hand up to carefully look at your nails, in reality your are using that as a cover to look at something else. This is not really using your peripheral vision as you are not truly focused on whatever youíre looking at, that is just as a fake focus point while youíre truly glancing on what is beyond it.

I may not be able to tell you minute details but Iíll know the gender, what they were wearing, clothing color, hair style (long, short, straight, curly), height, etc. Unless I actually looked at them briefly I would not know eye color, nose and lip shapes and the like.

Even with a fanny-pack and high heels you can go under the radar if you are projecting the right message to others. I donít really care if police officers know Iím carrying so I have no issue with giving a nod and a smile, but I wonít risk it if Iím in crowded place where I havenít accessed all my surroundings.


"In making tactical dispositions, the highest pitch you can attain is to conceal them." - Sun Tzu

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