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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
Whatever makes you happy, I guess.
Hmmm, I suppose many would think the 229 is a superior handgun. However, after several years of experience with that system I am not impressed. The .40 itself does nothing for me and the fact that so many of our shooters do so much better with a 9mm...

I just don't understand your aversion to Glocks, you seem to be very knowledgeable about handguns and your collection is incredible. I have been shooting for all of my life and I have been a fully certified instructor since 91. I continue to train every chance I get and teach on an almost daily basis.

If I thought the M1911 was still a viable weapons system for all to carry I would definitely teach it. However, from my years of experience I know that those that use it well train hard with it, they train a lot and are very dedicated to it.

Most agencies especially the larger agencies just do not have the time nor dedication nor the willingness to spend the time and effort to train with a system like that. When we went to the 229 with its DAK trigger I was dissapointed not so much because I would not be able to carry my G17 but because so many people would not have a choice. Since then the size, trigger, recoil and weight has caused so many problems that eventually the agency agreed with my original sentiment.

So yes, I will celebrate the ability to carry my beloved G17/G26 combo, not only because it is MY favorite carry system, but because so many people will now have a choice, several choices in fact that will fit them better and make training them easier and hopefully make their firearms experience a more positive one.

One more thing on my little rant...I have NEVER experienced more than a few malfunctions with my Glocks and very few with all of the Glocks in service with my agency. My experience with M1911's (and I did carry some for several years and still shoot them for fun) is that they are finnicky, picky, and prone to all sorts of stoppages.

JM2C and again...I LOVE your collection and enjoy your posts!

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