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Originally Posted by 21Carrier View Post
Sorry, I just saw your post. So far, I would use 800-X, simply because it absolutely destroys all the others in velocity. However, the gap would likely be less in a longer barrel. As we all know, 800-X meters like crap, but is pretty clean. I think Longshot will be the ultimate winner, though. Mudrush has led me to believe that I can push further with it (mainly due to space concerns with the LONG Barnes bullets). The 11.4gr 800-X load shows light case expansion, so I know I can go further, but that load is HEAVILY compressed, so I'll likely run out of space before I get much more velocity. With Longshot, I should be able to get to 1500-1550fps out of my G29. As soon as I get more Barnes bullets, I'll work up some loads with Longshot.
Looking forward to the data 21Carrier. Longshot has become my favorite 10mm powder (and not just because I have 100lbs. of it. ) It seems to meter well and you can get really good velocities from it.
Navy Corpsman, 1971-1975; NRA Patron Life Member; The 10mm "...more energy at 100 yards than a .45 ACP at the muzzle." - Massad Ayoob quoting Col. Jeff Cooper

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