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Originally Posted by Sam Spade View Post
Pocket carry. A G19.

If I were taking you to the races, I would tone you down via misdirection. Everyone's going to see you, now make them dismiss you. Wallet goes into the weak-hand back pocket, so you're not stretching material over the strong hand side when you reach for it. Cell phone gets worn support side, to draw eyes away from strong side. Practice using your weak hand for every day tasks so you give the impression of being wrong-handed. People look at movement, so increase the amount of movement that pulls their gaze from the gun. Pleated pants, if you aren't already.

Toss in some lefty tree huggy clothes like a Sierra Club hat.

In another life, I had an assignment amongst a nation of short brown guys. No way I'd pass for a native, so I worked at being Canadian, eh? Didn't get killed, so it went in the "win" column.
I keep my wallet on my left side front pocket if i am driving more than walking but back pocket if I am walking a lot.
My cell phone I keep in my left hand and would be used to strike or throw at a person if necessary in order to distract them, I never put it on my belt. sometimes when I where cargo shorts(the tree huggy yuppie kind) I keep it in the the cargo pocket.
I do try and keep my right hand empty at all times.

Here is the thing for what ever reason people feel compelled to talk to me I am not really sure why. This is something that happens to a lot of tall guys.
People need to always ask about my sports history "did you play basketball?"
"how tall are you?" What do you weigh? If I had your height I would be[fill the blank], blah blah blah.

So That for me is the unusual thing about carrying for me people feel like its ok to get inside of my comfort zone more often than i would like, 99% mean no harm but there is always that one guy who is trying to take advantage.

SO far there has been a lot of good advice and I thank you for your info you always seem to have good info on a variety of subjects.
So I am glad you made it through your tour with the pygmies.

Originally Posted by Palouse View Post
Not too many folks can pull that off, but at 6'8" and 340 lbs., I'd reckon you've got some big pockets.
The trick is find pants/shorts with the right size pockets.
I have fairly good size hands so my hands and the 19 have to fit in there at the same time.
Believe it or not I use a blackhawk holster with all the stuff taken off(except the retention lock) for a pocket holster.
I can grab the 19 with my right hand with my index finger on the outside of the pocket press the lock and it comes out in one motion.
Its not as fast as when I carry a G17 at 4:00 but its not to bad. and way more comfortable.

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