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Originally Posted by jeffreybehr View Post
My new 31 Gen4 shot excellently today...about a hundred rounds of 4 different reloads with nary a malfunction of any kind. The G4 texture felt great, my smallish hands appreciated the slightly smaller grip, the stock trigger is the best Glock trigger I've ever had, and it's accurate.

I'm thrilled.
First off...Congrats on your new purchase!

I was wondering since your following pics show a JPoint red dot on the slide have you considered buying an aftermarket slide from Caspian that has a place for the JPoint already milled in and lowered into the slide so you could use the rear sight notch on the JPoint with your existing front sight if your battery ever failed or something else went wrong with your mini red dot? I ask because I have a Nikko-Sterling on my G-35/357 Sig and that little sight has made that pistol amazingly accurate beyond any expectations I ever had before I mounted it on. It's mainly a range gun, but I would like to have back up iron sights if I ever had a failure of the primary sight. Unfourtunetly I'm broke right now or I would buy a milled slide and JPoint to replace my current setup.
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